The first litter in the kennel "Congo Line"! Little princess!!! Born on 18.12.11

Congo Line A Classy Touch




foto by Inna Petrova

Faraoland Point Taken ( Faro )                      Ch. Klassic's Tri-Fecta ( Bette )

 Import Sweden                                                                        Import USA

LT, LV, EST, BALT JCh; LT Ch, LV Ch,                                 AM.Ch, RUS. Ch, LT Ch, LV Ch,

RUS Ch, INT Ch, BALT JW'07, EST JW'08,                          EST.Ch, BALT Ch, Fin Ch

EST W'08                                                                                EST W'11


Healthy  results:                                                                     Healthy results:

Fanconi-carrier                                                                         Fanconi-clear

Eyes-clear                                                                               Eyes- normal, PPM iris-iris

Thyroid-T4 and TSH normal, TgAA negativne                        Thyroid- T4 and TSH normal,

HD-A, ED-0                                                                              TgAA negativne

Teeth-scissor bite, complete set                                               Teeth-scissor bite, complete set

Owner                                                                                     Owner

Airida Bereišienė                                                                       Viktoria Kolotsei

Kennel Afrikata                                                                         Kennel Congo Line